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Fluid level & dynamometer instruments

for analysis and optimization of oil and gas wells

Sage Technologies specializes in Acoustic Fluid Logger fluid level and dynamometer equipment for oil and gas wells. Sage offers both computerized and paper tape fluid logging instruments, along with combination fluid level-dynamometer units.

The Acoustic Fluid Logger delivers fluid level data with both computerized and paper-tape systems. The combination Acoustic Fluid Logger with Dynamometer gathers both fluid level and pump performance data -- at the surface and down hole -- with one compact system.

Acoustic Fluid Logger IV - Computerized fluid levels

Acoustic Fluid Logger IV and Pressure Pulse Gas GunThe Acoustic Fluid Logger IV finds the fluid level in the well and displays it on your portable computer. Sage AFL software allows you to quickly gather and examine working fluid levels on all wells. This compact digital system lets you save and email digital fluid levels, and also produces well reports containing fluid level diagrams, pump intake pressure, and available production increases.

The Sage AFL software features onscreen tools like the zoomed graph, which let you zero in on a specific wellbore section, like the fluid level section of a producing well, shown below. With the addition of the Pressure Transducer, the Acoustic Fluid Logger IV  measures surface pressure before the test, then calculates the gas afterflow. The easy-to-use Sage AFL software will then calculate bottom hole pressure and predict future production as well. Sage AFL  software is fully compatible with Windows 10 -- plus earlier versions.


AFL IV Fluid level test

The Acoustic Fluid Logger IV System works with your existing computer, and includes:


Acoustic Fluid Logger III  -- Digital strip chart fluid levelsAcoustic Fluid Logger III

The Acoustic Fluid Logger III delivers digital fluid level data with the push of a button, with no computer required.

During a fluid level test, the system delivers a pulse of compressed gas down the annulus of a well. Reflections of the gas pulse bounce back from the fluid and the tubing inside the wellbore.

The Acoustic Fluid Logger III prints the well reflections and the fluid level as a graph on paper tape, overlaid with 1-second precision timing marks to aid in fluid level calculation.

A unique compressed mode allows longer tapes to be compressed to up to 1/8 their original size for quick check of fluid levels and easy field handling.AFL III printing fluid level tape



The Acoustic Fluid Logger III System includes:



AFL IV with Dynamometer - Fluid levels & pumping unit analysisAFL IV with Dynamometer

Developed to build upon the capabilities of Sage Technologies' fluid level instruments, the Acoustic Fluid Logger IV with Dynamometer allows producers to gather dynamometer data to monitor surface and downhole pump condition, balance pumping units for maximum efficiency and investigate pumping unit loading.

The AFL IV with Dynamometer with your personal computer and Sage DYN software records and displays surface pump cards and calculated downhole pump cards, and also records standing and traveling valve checks, measures counterbalance, and calculates pump leakage and motor current usage, all in a simple and easy to read format. Sage AFL and Sage DYN software is fully compatible with Windows 10 -- and Win 8, 7, and XP.

In addition to analyzing the pumping unit, the AFL IV with Dynamometer is also a complete fluid level analysis system. The dual-purpose instrument holds internal electronics and exterior connections for both dynamometer and fluid level testing, with components for each system available as needed. Summary pumping unit report - AFL IV with Dynamometer

The AFL IV with Dynamometer system includes:

Peripheral testing equipment and accessories allow you to customize the dynamometer system to suit your needs:

Pump card shapes overlay on Dynamometer report

See the Products tab for a break-out list of the components and accessories available with each Acoustic Fluid Logger and Acoustic Fluid Logger with Dynamometer system.

Sage AFL and Sage DYN software Fully Compatible with Windows 10 -- and also Win 8, Win 7, XP and Vista. See the Software tab for more. Use with your existing field computer, or if you prefer, have a portable computer with software pre-loaded delivered with your system.

See the Download tab for brochures and illustrated operator's manuals for Acoustic Fluid Logger III and IV, AFL IV with Dynamometer, Pressure Pulse Gas Guns and more.

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Sage Technologies specializes in fluid level instruments and dynamometers for the oil and gas industry.

For 25 years, Sage Technologies has designed and sold oilfield fluid level and dynamometer testing equipment for our customers around the world.

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