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Sage Technologies stocks supplies and parts for all products which are currently available. If you need to replace a part not listed below, or to check availability of parts for older equipment, our staff will be happy to assist you.

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Illustrated Parts List - Sage Technologies

Pressure Pulse Gas Gun O-ring kit

O-ring Repair Kit - 1,500 psi Pressure Pulse Gun 

PPG-KitGun (4) - Contains all gun body, microphone stem and shuttle valve O-rings needed to rebuild the Pressure Pulse Gas Gun -- 1,500 psi, plus two valve cores.

Male fill adapter 

Fill adapter - Pressure Pulse Gas Gun

PPG0008 - Male Fill - Male fill adapter screws into fill valve on the Pressure Pulse Gas Gun, to accommodate the stab-in charge hose

Charge Hose Tip Repair Kit

Charge Hose Tip Repair Kit

PPG-KitChargeTip - Repair kit for Charge Hose tip includes valve cores, O-rings and washers which fit inside gas gun charge hose end tip.

Charge Hose End

Complete Charge Hose End

PPG0050- Hose End Assembly - Complete Charge Hose End Assembly includes tank valve, custom stainless steel fitting and interior o-rings, washer and valve core; threads onto end of the CO2 charge hose.

Thermal paper from Sage

Thermal Paper

Thermal Paper - High quality thermal paper ensures the optimal print-out and printer life for the Acoustic Fluid Logger. Available 3 per box, with quantity discounts at 30, 63, 126 rolls, as well at 300 and 500 rolls.  

12 volt battery

Battery - AFL III, AFL IV with Dynamometer, AFL II

AFL0101 - 12-volt battery for Acoustic Fluid Logger III and also for the combo AFL IV-Dynamometer and old-style AFL II units.

Battery - AFL IV-Dynamometer 

Battery - AFL IV

AFL0101A-AFLIV - Compact 12-volt battery for Acoustic Fluid Logger IV

CO 2 Bottles

CO 2 Bottles

CO2New2.5lb - Standard 2.5 lb. CO² bottle sold with AFL systems
CO2NEW5lb  - 5 lb. CO² bottle
(Weight designation means bottles can be filled with 2.5 and 5 lbs. of compressed gas, respectively. Bottles shipped EMPTY, in accordance with shipping laws and regulations.)
CO 2 charge hose

CO 2 Charge Hose

PPG8887-C-PPG - Thermoplastic hose with attachments for charging Pressure Pulse Gas Guns with compressed CO² -- works with all Sage gas guns.
O-ring kit 3,000 psi PPG 

O-ring Repair Kit - 3,000 psi Pressure Pulse Gun 

HPG3-Kit - Contains all gun body, microphone stem and shuttle valve O-rings needed to rebuild the Pressure Pulse Gas Gun -- 3,000 psi, plus two valve cores.

Stab-in gauges for Pressure Pulse Gas Guns

Gauge Adapter - Female

Male Gauge adapter

Stab-in gauges

Gauge1500psi, Gauge200psi, Gauge3000psi -  Liquid filled stainless steel gauges for Pressure Pulse Gas Guns:1,500 and 3,000 psi rated

 Adapter - Female Quick - Quick-change stainless steel adapter threads into top of Pressure Pulse Gas Gun

Adapter - Male Quick -  Quick-change connector threads onto liquid filled gauges used with Pressure Pulse Gas Gun.

AFL wall mount charger

Wall-mount Charger

AFL0201 - Charger Block - for use with AFL0202 - Charger Cable - Universal (110 or 220 volts) wall-mount charger for Acoustic Fluid Logger III, IV, and AFL IV with Dynamometer recorders. (Replaces 110 volt chargers sold with older systems.)

Microphone cable 

Microphone cable

CableMic10, CableMic25 - (Standard-issue with each system),  CableMic50 - BNC connectors on each end of 10-, 25- and 50-foot microphone cables used with Acoustic Fluid Logger systems.

USB cable

USB cable

CableUSB-A-to-B-2m - Two-meter USB cable for use with the Acoustic Fluid Logger IV

Sage carrying case

Gas Gun carrying case

Pelican 1450 w foam - Replacement for Pressure Pulse Gas Gun standard carrying case, approximately 14 x 12 x 8

Pressure Transducer for Pressure Pulse Gas Gun

Pressure Transducer

AFL IV - 1500 PSI Transducer or AFL IV - 3000 PSI Transducer Pressure transducer (shown raw) includes an adapter and standard 25-ft. cable for attachment to the 1,500 or 3,000 psi Pressure Pulse Gas Gun. Measures surface pressure before the test shot; enables software calculation of gas afterflow with AFL IV and AFL IV with Dynamometer. 

CO 2 Fill Adapter

CO 2 Fill Assembly

PPG1003 - Fill adapter for CO 2 bottles allows refilling 2.5 or 5 lb. bottle from larger compressed gas bottle.

11-point dividers

Eleven-point Dividers

Dividers - Eleven-point expandable dividers used to count collars to the fluid level kick when analyzing Acoustic Fluid Logger III paper tape charts.

Microphone for 1500 psi gas gun 

Microphone -  Pulse Gas Gun  - 1,500 psi

PPG1014-MXH - Internal microphone for Pressure Pulse Gas Gun 1500 psi -- (includes O-rings not shown)

Microphone 3000 psi 

Microphone - Pressure Pulse Gun  - 3,000 psi

HPG3- Microphone - Internal microphone for Pressure Pulse Gas Gun 3000 psi -- (includes O-rings as shown)

Special gun tool 

Special PPG Tool

PPG0016 - Service Tool - Special custom tool designed to replace o-rings, valve cores and fill adapters on Pressure Pulse Gas Guns.

O-ring replacement tools

Brass O-ring tools 

PPG2005 - Brass O-ring Tools - Two Brass o-ring tools with case; for easier o-ring replacement on shuttle valve and microphone during maintenance of the Pressure Pulse Gas Gun.

Sage External Microphone

Sage External Microphone

Mic-Whole - Acoustic Microphone - In special applications, the Sage External Microphone offers increased sensitivity with the Pressure Pulse Gas Guns. This microphone is standard with the Sage High Pressure Gas Gun -- 5,000 psi.


Nitrogen adapters for Gas Gun charge hose

In conditions such as extreme cold, nitrogen gas can be preferable to carbon dioxide gas for fluid level testing; and these adapters make the Pressure Pulse Gas Guns compatible with compressed bottled nitrogen.

Sage External Microphone repair kit

Sage External Microphone Repair Kit

External Mic Kit - Contains crystal and o-rings for Sage External Microphone - which is used in special applications and with the 5,000 psi Sage High Pressure Gas Gun.

Sage Technologies' Product Manuals

Illustrated Product Manuals

Extra copies of all Sage product manuals are available as spiral-bound with wipe-clean covers, including: Acoustic Fluid Logger III, Acoustic Fluid Logger IV and AFL IV with Dynamometer. Copies of the manual in .pdf format are also available free of charge on the Downloads tab.

Sage AFL software

Sage AFL Software

Sage AFL fluid level software for the Acoustic Fluid Logger IV and AFL IV with Dynamometer systems can be installed on multiple computers at no extra charge. Available on disk and thumb drive.

Sage DYN software

Sage DYN Software

Sage DYN dynamometer software for the AFL IV with Dynamometer can be installed on multiple computers at no extra charge.  Available on disk and thumb drive.


For repairs, and other replacement parts

Call Sage Technologies: 817-488-2579




Software and Manuals

Product manuals are provided with every Sage Technologies product.

Replacement manuals are available for a charge, or you can download product manuals in .pdf format for free on the  Downloads page.

Sage AFL software is included with purchase of the Acoustic Fluid Logger IV. Sage DYN and Sage AFL software is included with the purchase of the AFL IV with Dynamometer. For replacement software discs, contact Sage.


Dynamometer Parts

Knock-off Stand

Knock off stands from Sage Technologies

Knock-off stands for use in Dynamometer testing


Stuffing Box Protector   

Stuffing Box protector from Sage Technologies

Stuffing Box Protector for use in Dynamometer testing


Shim Spacer

Shim Spacer

Shim Spacer for use with hydraulic lift in Dynamometer testing.


Sage Hydraulic Lift Kit


For use in Dynamometer testing to create space to insert the 40K Quantitative Horseshoe Load Cell


Sage String Transducer

Sage String Trandsducer

Sage String Transducer for use in Dynamometer testing. Available with 250-inch or 500-inch cable.


Sage Current Clamp

Sage Current Clamp

Motor Current Clamp Transducer for use in Dynamometer testing.


40K Quantitative Load Cell (Horseshoe)

Horseshoe Load Cell

Horseshoe Quantitative Load Cell (40K) transducer for use in Dynamometer testing.


Quick Clamp Transducer

Quick Clamp transducer and changeable jaws

Quick Clamp Load Cell transducer for use in Dynamometer testing.


Fine Thread Rod Clamps

Rod clamp used in Dynamometer testing. Available in three sizes:

  • 1.5 inch
  • 1.25 inch
  • 1.125 inch

Cable reels

Extra cable reels are available for the Load Cell, String Transducer and Motor Current Probe.