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Experience counts   

Our experienced team is ready to meet your well testing needs.  The combined staff at Sage Technologies has run and analyzed fluid level tests and dynamometer tests for more than 30 years in the Southwestern United States.

  • Operating from our headquarters in Grapevine, Texas, our roustabout service can run fluid level and dynamometer tests on producing and pumping oil and gas wells.
  •  We also can run acoustic buildup tests and diagnosis.
  •  In Texas, we often are asked to locate wells and run H-15 tests -- as required by the Texas Railroad Commission.

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Computerized fluid level shot

Fluid Level Tests

Sage Testing Services will find the fluid level on your well, using our Acoustic Fluid Logger equipment.

 We also can complete state-required testing, such as the Texas H-15 test.

Printed and emailed fluid levels.


Dynamometer Surveys

Quantitative and qualitative dynamometer surveys are used to troubleshoot pumping well problems.

Using our Acoustic Fluid Logger IV with Dynamometer, Sage Testing Services can cut dynamometer cards and reports which analyze load and stroke data, with the ability to overlay successive tests for comparison over time. Identifies issues with the pumping unit such as fluid pound, worn standing or traveling valves, fluid friction, tubing movement, bent barrel and sticking pump, pump hitting up or down, drag friction and gas interference. Surface and downhole cards and motor amp plot in emailed and printed reports.

Regulatory Testing

State-required fluid level tests -- H-15 Tests as required in Texas, completed by our experienced staff. Emailed and printed reports.  

Acoustic Buildup Testing   

Sage Testing ServicesAcoustic buildup testing, without pulling the well, gathers critical early-time data necessary for finding well-bore damage or calculating fracture length.

Acoustic Buildup Testing from Sage Testing Services provides bottom hole pressures on pumping wells without pulling the rods and pump, while maintaining a greater degree of accuracy than a conventional downhole gauge. Identifies skin damage, permeability, reservoir pressure, high pumping back pressure, tight formation, rapid reservoir decline, and ineffective stimulation treatment. Emailed and printed reports.


Pressure Transient Analysis 

Buildup, falloff and well test analysis of customer supplied data. Emailed and printed reports.

Legacy DST Analysis

Digitization and pressure transient analysis of old DST - Drill Stem Testing - charts. Emailed reports.


In-the-field training of personnel on all aspects of Acoustic Fluid Logger and Dynamometer fluid level and dynamometer instruments, at your location or our location near Dallas-Fort Worth.  Our team is familiar not only without own equipment, but with our competitors' testing equipment as well, and can quickly train your personnel.

Sage Field Training

Field training and services from Sage Technologies

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