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About Sage
History and business philosophy behind Sage Technologies

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Billing and shipping address, directions to office, customer service

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Download product manuals for Sage Technologies products; download informational brochures for products

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Troubleshooting and answers to questions frequently asked about Sage Technologies products

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Links to oil and gas-related websites and other websites of interest to Sage Technologies customers and employees

Photo Gallery
Photos of Sage Technologies products and services in use at job sites

Sage Services
Well services available through Sage Technologies Services

Overview of each feature of the Acoustic Fluid Logger Software; overview of the Sage Dynamometer Software

Photos and descriptions of supplies, parts and repair kits for Sage Technologies products

Overview of all Sage Technologies products - linked to products listed below

Acoustic Fluid Logger III System
Acoustic Fluid Logger III with Pressure Pulse Gas Gun -- paper tape fluid logger system - no computer required

Acoustic Fluid Logger IV System
Acoustic Fluid Logger IV with Pressure Pulse Gas Gun - computerized fluid logger system

Acoustic Fluid Logger with Dynamometer
Dynamometer-added version of the Acoustic Fluid Logger IV with Pressure Pulse Gas Gun computerized dynamometer and fluid logger system

Pressure Pulse Gas Guns
Further detail about the 1,500 psi and 3,000 psi rated Pressure Pulse Gas Guns

Sage High Pressure Gas Gun
Special application Sage 5,000 psi gas gun