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Software - Fluid Level & Dynamometer Tests

Sage Technologies offers two software programs for use with its computerized equipment: Sage AFL and Sage DYN. Sage AFL and Sage DYN software are fully Compatible with Windows 10 -- and also Win 8, Win 7, XP and Vista

The software arrives on a CD-rom disc, for installation on any computer utilizing Windows.  Software may be installed on multiple computers at no extra charge. (For install on computers without a CD drive, contact Sage Technologies for a USB stick containing Sage AFL and Sage DYN software.)

Software Details:

  • Sage AFL Software (Scroll down for screen shots)

  • Sage DYN Software (Scroll below Sage AFL software section for details)

    • Works with the AFL IV with Dynamometer to analyze surface and downhole pump performance and motor current in a pumping unit. To see Sage DYN software example screens, Scroll Down, below the Sage AFL screens.

Sage AFL software

Included with the Acoustic Fluid Logger IV, Sage AFL software picks the fluid level and displays it onscreen. Sage AFL creates .dat files, which it can convert to Adobe .pdf files with the included CutePDF Writer. The easy-to-use software tab format lets the user choose which options to use and how much data to enter for each test.

Sage AFL - Depth Scan Tab:

The Sage AFL software calculates the fluid level depth and displays it onscreen during a fluid level test. The biggest downward kick is the fluid level, as shown below. Software enables three moveable cursors: the Red Cursor is the shot, the Blue Cursor is the fluid level, and the Green Cursor is the depth of any known fixed event inside the wellbore (such as a tubing anchor or perforations exposed above the fluid).

Acoustic Fluid Logger Software - Depth scan

Graph Manipulation tools from Sage AFL softwareZoom in on fluid level with graph manipulation tools

Onscreen graph manipulation tools, shown in the drop-down box, above left, allow the operator to zoom in on the the fluid level, to zoom in on sections of the graph, and to fine-tune the colored cursors which represent the start of shot, fluid level, and known downhole events. This allows the viewing of an inset box, like the one above right which shows Zoom Liquid Level graph. Zoom Shot Start and Zoom Selected Well are also available, so the Sage AFL can produce optimum fluid level accuracy in a wide variety of well conditions.

Sage AFL - Bottom Hole Pressure Tab:

The Calculated Results include the fluid level (calculated automatically by the software), the calculated Bottom Hole Pressure, Gas Free Fluid Level and Intake Pump Pressure.  If desired, the user may enter or change data in this section,  and view the resulting calculations of the values.

Acoustic Fluid Logger Software - Bottom Hole Pressure

Sage AFL  - Production Increase and Report Generation tabs:

On the Production Increase tab, view resulting calculated results for increases in oil, water, liquid and gas production.

On the Report Generation tab, lower right, the fluid level and all other well data is available for selection and printing in a customizable Fluid Level Report. All data may be converted to Adobe .pdf files.  For more on the use and features of the Sage AFL software and the Acoustic Fluid Logger IV, see the AFL IV manual in the Downloads section.

Acoustic Fluid Logger Software - Production IncreaseAcoustic Fluid Logger Software - Generate Report

Sage DYN Software

Included with the AFL IV with Dynamometer, Sage DYN software analyzes pumping unit, downhole pump and  motor current data. Sage DYN creates .dyc files, and data can be converted to Adobe .pdf files with the included CutePDF Writer. Easy-to-use software tabs runs horizontally across the top of each Sage DYN screen. During Dynamometer testing, a pop-up screen will display a plot real-time as the test occurs. Each complete pump cycle creates a new card or plot, giving the operator the option of discarding or saving each card.

Sage DYN - Dynamometer cards

Measurements of the surface Dynamometer Card, Downhole Card, Amp Plot and Counterbalance of the pumping unit are all accomplished with the Sage DYN software and displayed onscreen individually or as a single easy-to-read page, as on this Summary tab, below.

Summary Dynamometer report from Sage DYN software

Sage DYN - Downhole Card   

The Downhole Card tab allows the operator to see a shape trace which graphically plots load/position points of the downhole pump during a pumping cycle. Entering the rod string data will produce the most accurate downhole cards. By holding the shift key and picking more than one card from the list, lower right, the operator can also see different downhole cards overlaid on each other.

Sage DYN Downhole card

Sage DYN - Amp Plot and Valve Check & Counterbalance

Using the current clamp allows the Sage DYN software to analyze the pumping unit's motor current usage. The current curve for the upstroke is blue, while the current curve for the downstroke is red, as displayed on the Amp Plot tab, below left.

The Valve Check and Counterbalance measurements allow a look at the traveling and standing valves and the counterbalance of the pumping unit, as displayed on the Valve Check tab, below right.

Amp Plot from Sage DYN software Valve check and counterbalance from Sage DYN software

Sage DYN - Reports

Printed reports created with Sage DYN software give a comprehensive overview of pumping unit efficiency. One, two or all of the available measurements may be printed in a report. An example report is shown below.

Dynamometer report created with Sage DYN softwareSage DYN report - page 2Dynamometer report from Sage DYN Software

Sage DYN - Identify shape traces

Downhole dynamometer cards create readily identifiable shape traces, as shown below. These graphically created shape traces have been documented and proven throughout the history of dynamometer testing as reliable indicators of current or developing problems with the pumping unit on a well.

Dynamometer card shape traces


See the Downloads tab for more on the Sage DYN software, in the AFL IV with Dynamometer Manual

See the Downloads tab  more on Sage AFL software, in the Acoustic Fluid Logger IV Manual

Click to for brochures on the AFL with Dynamometer, the Sage Transducers, and the Pressure Pulse Gas Guns, all available on the Downloads tab.


Sage AFL Installation

The Sage AFL software CD is included with the purchase of the Acoustic Fluid Logger IV.

Install the software prior to running the first well test. Insert the CD-ROM into the portable computer's CD drive; the software will auto-run. Several programs will be installed, including the CutePDF Writer, which will allow you to save fluid levels as Adobe .pdf files.

Sage AFL data files carry the .dat extension. Naming each file with the well name and test date makes it easy to find and compare stored well files.

Sage AFL software is detailed at left, followed by the Sage DYN software.

Sage DYN Installation

The Sage DYN software CD is included with the purchase of the AFL IV with Dynamometer.

Install the Sage AFL software, as detailed above, then install the Sage DYN CD. The CD will auto-run. Several programs will be installed, including the CutePDF Writer, which will allow you to save fluid levels as Adobe .pdf files.

Sage DYN data files carry the .dyc extension. Naming each file with the well name and test date makes it easy to find and compare stored well files.

Sage DYN details

Scroll down, below the Sage AFL software at left, for the Sage DYN software screen shots and details